Tabass Coal Mine

Tabas coal mine is the biggest and the only fully mechanized coal mine of Iran in which four DOSCO MD1100 roadheaders are working to excavate main tunnels and drift galleries. The mine production plan includes 2 phase as follows:

Phase 1:

Equipping and exploitation of central mine and mine No. 1 by producing 1.5 million tons of raw coal (750,000 tons of concentrate coal per year) using mechanized mining methods.

Phase 2:

Increasing the coal production up to 2.4 million tons per year in Parvadeh No. 4 mine using mechanized mining methods.

Use of Roadheaders in the Tabas coal mine is a consequence of mechanization process in central mines and mine No. 1, in which 4 Roadheader machines, DOSCO MD1100 ,made in England, are used to equip and excavate tunnels and drift galleries. DOSCO MD1100 Roadheader, which is classified in the range of light-duty to medium-duty machines, has been able to introduce itself as an ideal machine for excavating the mixed layer strata. There are 5 layers in Tabas coal field including: B1,B2,C1,C2 and D. C1 layer is the most suitable layer for mechanized mining due to the least variability in thickness (narrowing and swelling) - the thickness of layer varies from 1.8 to 2 m – and thus the main aim of plans is to mine this layer. The amount of annual production of central mine is determined about 200,000 tons of raw coal. The operating and equipping activities has been carried out by Parvadeh Coal Company of Tabas and extraction of this mine is continuing at present. The layer to be extracted from this mine is only C1 layer for now. Extraction in central mine is done by Room and Pillar mining method using 2 continuous miners and 4 LHD systems and material transferring equipments, which is mainly Conveyor Belt. For 100 meters depth the pillars are designed as square-shaped having 15.5 meters width. The safety factor considered for pillars as 2.68. For the depth of 100 to 150 meters, the dimension of squared pillars is 19.5 meters and the safety factor calculated for pillars is 2.47. In mine No. 1 the extraction operation is performed as fully mechanized method using Long Wall mining method. Totally 27 long wall panels have been designed for this mine. The first panel (E1) has been mined and second one (E2) is now being mined. To develop the mine three tunnels have been excavated and also, a forth slope tunnel branches out of tunnel number 3. The sum of the length of main tunnels is 13500 meters from which 500,000 tons of raw coal obtains during development process. All of these tunnels will be excavated by DOSCO MD1100 Roadheaders. Up to now, more than 7 kilometers of them have been excavated by Roadheaders supported by Tunnel Falat Pars Ltd and the process of excavating galleries is currently working. The main tunnels have a cross section between 15 to 20 square meters. The strengh of rock formations to be excavated by Roadheaders in Tabas coal mine can be summarized as below: Siltstone with an average uniaxial compressive strength of 44 MPa. Mudstone with an average uniaxial compressive strength of 18 MPa. And Coal with an average uniaxial compressive strength of 7 MPa.

DOSCO MD1100 Roadheaders approved their abilities to cut Sandstone with uniaxial compressive strength of 82 MPa in the Tabas coal mine.

During last a few years , TFP has a key role to supply and support not only Dosco's Roadheaders in Tabas coal mine but also , to supply other spare parts and equipment which this big mine needs, such as different type of Pumps , Electric parts , Shearer and Roof support spare parts, conveyor part, etc.

Recently TFP is decided to increase his role as a contractor in TABAS COAL MINE, you will see more news about this issue in our web site very soon.

Full refurbishment of Long Wall in Tabass coal Mine

In September 2013 Tunnel Falat Pars. Ltd (TFP)signed a contract with Tabass Parvadeh Coal Company (TPCCO.) for the first major overhaul of Long Wall Face Equipment in Tabass Coal mine .

From different points of view this refurbishment was very important for Iran Coal Mining because the manufacturer of the Long Wall Equipment ( Famur Company from Poland ) had offered a very high price with a long lead time for the overhaul procedure to the TPCCO.

Tunnel Falat Pars. Ltd . with one of his European partners ( Becker Warkop ) had offered a very sensible price with a duration of job for 55 days to the client .

This job which included manpower and spare parts , and during the overhaul the following equipment was refurbished completely :

142 Shields from Fazos .

4 Crossing shields from Fazos .

one double drum Shearer from Famur (KGS 600 )

1 unit of Armored Face Conveyor ( AFC ) with 220 meter length , 1 unit of Beem Stage Loader (BSL) from Famur.

1 unit Crusher from Famur .

All electrical equipment included Transformers , Switch Gears , Load Centers all manufactured by Ampcontrol (Allenwest )

Because of very high level of this full refurbishment , this Long Wall package has extracted 3 panels (W0,W1 &W2 ) with total capacity of 1.3mt with no problem .

Khomrood Coal Mine

Khomrood Coal mine is High Inclination Seam Mine in Kerman province .

International Mining Consultant ( IMC ) has done some basic study on this mine , but because of very difficult geological conditions like , high inclination , very fractured strata and other problems , Mine Ministry in Iran had stopped this projects for about 10 years .

In 2015 Tunnel Falat Pars . Ltd . signed a contract with Zisco. ( Zarand Iranian Steel Company ) by supervision of IMPASCO. ( Iran Mineral production company) for completing Basic and Detail design of this coal mine and preparing this mine for operation .

TFP used from another European first class company in this field whose name is Hargreaves from England , and we hope to finish the first stage of this job that is included Basic and detail design , mining method , mine plan and man power chart by the end of March 2016 .

The target of Run Of Mine (ROM) for this project is 750,000 t/year , to provide enough feed for Coking plants in Kerman province .

Resalat an urban tunnel

Resalat was the first twin urban tunneling project in Tehran , the goal of this project was to reduce the traffic jam in center - east part of Tehran .

The total length of tunnels are more than 1.5 Km which excavated in very soft rock & unstable ground with very low overburden (7 to 33 m).

The tunnel routs are passing under a residential area and in a land consists of alluvium sediments, very often sand, gravel. This project is included 2 tunnels with 160 m² in cross section in each. Each of these tunnels has 3 passing lines, 3.6 meters width, with two 90 centimeters sidewalk. The height of these tunnels is about 10 meters and the designed height for the vehicles is 5.5 meters. The tunnel route passes through Quaternary formations of the "Hezar Dareh" and heterogeneous alluvium sediments of Tehran.

The excavation method of Resalat tunnels is NATM. In this method, first the cross section of tunnel was divided to smaller sections and then was excavated using Roadheader and excavator-loader machine . For this purpose, the DOSCO MK2B Roadheader, and DOSCO LH1300 Roadheader and heading-mucking machine ITC 312 H6 were used. It was the honor of this company to provide all these equipments for this national project.

Tohid an urban tunnel

After good results of Resalat Tunnel project, Tehran municipality decided to build the second urban tunnel in the heart of Tehran. They invited from the contractor who had finished Resalat tunnels with success, to complete this project. So, DOSCO (MK2B) and ITC (312H6) returned back to work again .

Tohid urban tunnel is another important project of Tehran which is of vital importance in reducing the traffic of this city and is one of the rare projects exploited on schedule. This project included twin tunnels each one 2142 meters long. All excavations were accomplished by machines the honorable contractor formerly used in Resalat tunnel (Roadheaders DOSCO MK2 B, DOSCO LH1300, and the heading-mucking machine ITC 312 H6 provided by Tunnel Falat Pars Company).

Dez-Qomrood Water transfer tunnel

Dez-Ghomrood is a long water transfer tunnel with the lenght of more than 36Km.

This project had divided into 4 main parts and 4 adits for having more faces in part 1 & 2.

3 contractors used from different equipment in this project such as drilling and blasting & semi mechanized and fully mechanized equipment for completing the project.

One unit of ITC TUNNEL MUCKING MACHINE ( ITC 312 B) has a very good record in loading of hard rocks ( Lime stone ) and debris after blasting in part 2 of this project and worked for 2 years In this project which was carried out to transfer water from the sources of Dez and Karoon, the tunnel was excavated 36 kilometers long in 4 parts each one 9 kilometers by using different tunneling method such as Drilling and Blasting, TBM and Roadheader. In this project for loading after blasting the heading-mucking machine ITC 312 H6 was used which has a record of loading 100 square meters per hour.

The Eghlid road tunnel in Fars province

In this project which was carried out in order to create and develop the network of access roads in Fars province, a tunnel 2200 meters in length, was excavated. In this project a tunnel heading and mucking machine ITC 312 H6, provided by Tunnel Falat Pars Company used as a mucking machine for mucking debris after blasting.

Bazman-nikshahr a road tunnel in Sistan & Baloochestan Province

In this project the sum of tunneling route was about 3 kilometers ( 4 tunnels approx. 680m each). So that 4 tunnels each one 680 meters long were excavated in which the Roadheader machine DOSCO LH1300, supplied by Tunnel Falat Pars Ltd .

The Geology of this project was included of mix strata's from fractured to completely solid rock .The average of compressive strength was 70 MPa

Tehran-Pardis freeway

One of the most important freeway projects near Tehran was to construct the Tehran-Pardis freeway which came to an end successfully by the efforts of internal experts. Excavating several tunnels was needed due to access the shortest distance. Four tunnels, 230 meters long, were excavated by Drum cutter WEBSTER WS 60, installed on a 30 tones excavator. This company had the honor to contribute into partnership in this national project.

Gavshan Water transfer tunnel

This project was one on the most important LONG WATER TRANSFER PROJECT in north - west of Iran.

Unsuccessful experience of using of an unsuitable TBM in this project had made a big pressure on client & contractor to find a solution .

TFP and DOSCO experts after site visiting offered the heaviest Roadheader which had manufactured on that time in DOSCO .

MK3 as a heavy duty Road Header with more than 90 tones weight had a very key role in excavating in this project.

Mk3 achieved the record of 4 meters per day in 35 m² cross section as advance rate in more than 110 MPa compressive strength in volcanic rocks.

Cheshm Andaz Sherkat