Research in Tunnel Falat Pars

The experts of Tunnel Falat Pars have been successful to develop some models to predict the performance of MD110 Roadheaders working in coal mines by establishing a reliable database from Roadheaders' cutting performance during the past 8-years in Tabas coal mine project. The best advance rate which achieved in this project is 9 meters per day.

So far, 3 ISI and 4 other papers regarding performance prediction of Roadheaders in Tabas mine have been published and presented in the international scientific journals and international symposiums and conferences.

This confirms the special attention of this company's directors to improve mechanized excavation skills in Iran

In this manner, TFP's policy for investment on students, who are educating in M.Sc. & Ph.D. degrees in the fields of Geology and Mining, is a target for the future.

Expending for research in Tunnel Falat Pars does not mean raising the expenses but it means investment for the future.